Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I thought I'd join in with Meet Me At Mikes weekly blog homework and this week theme is collecting. Well I racked my brain trying to choose what to include; Crockery, napery, stationary, knit patterns, uke music, my precious complete Golden Hands books or my magazine collection. 

My husband decided to make this easier by taking the camera into work, but I still have the scanner!

Now I haven't counted, but I would have over 100 vintage mags from the '20s through to now (though I wish I'd kept that 3D Dolly from the '80s- it was magical) so I had to narrow it down.
 I chose the '50s because there is a sumptuousness to these covers, war was over, lifestyles and incomes were on the up and there seems to be an air of possibility. 

So please enjoy


Jen said...

I tried really hard to think of a magazine pun, but i failed ;)

Rebecca said...

I luuuurve these mags, they are so glamorous and beautiful! I have managed to find myself some mags and patterns like this here and there, but mine are all in black and white. I'm jealous of your lovely colour ones!


ClaireBee said...

Wow over 100 vintage mags! I'm very impressed, I have a small collection of 50's magazines (about 30) mostly Woman's Day. I love them and look through them a lot.

Just a little question if you don't mind my asking? How do you store your magazines, I have been trying to decide what the best method of storage is for mine to minimise damage but still have them easily accessable...

Mrs Juzzie Green said...

Hi Claire,
We share a collection and a love of the uke too! Bonza!
My magazines are in a shelf that never sees any sun, I try to keep them upright so they're not bending either. The more precious ones I keep in plastic.

ClaireBee said...

hey thanks, I guess sunlight is a big issue, I keep mine flat though
: ) long live the uke, I say!

LIZZY said...

I am so impressed, you have the complete set of Golden Hands!!! I have 4 of the hardback editions and a few of the "weekly" ones, I love the 70's look of some of the crochet. I also have an almost full collection of "Get Knitting", maybe this is more of a UK publication, I have spotted it for sale on an Australian "ebay" site!

Lots of Love